A Powerful Partnership

Imphytek Powders is a 50/50 joint venture company combining Aperam’s expertise in Nickel & Specialty Alloys with Tekna’s unique wire plasma atomization technology. We produce high-performance powder for advanced manufacturing technologies. We benefit from the existing know-how and the global industrial network of both Aperam and Tekna. Imphytek PowdersTM SAS is based in Mâcon, France, and markets the jointly developed high-quality spherical metal powders engineered and optimized for additive manufacturing, laser cladding, and metal injection molding applications in all industrial segments. We aim to serve the most demanding local and global customer specification with outstanding quality and service

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We transform nickel and specialty alloys made by Aperam Alloys Imphy using Tekna’s automated industrial process into unique spherical high-performance powders. We combine the power of inductively coupled plasma with high-performance raw materials yielding advanced high-quality performance powders.

With the support of our shareholders, we continually innovate to bring new technical solutions to your advanced manufacturing needs

high-performance powder


Premium Quality Powder


High Sphericity

Our high sphericity powder brings you faster printing speeds, is better for complex part design, and better powder recyclability



In addition to the benefits of high sphericity, higher density brings you enhanced mechanical properties of your parts



The unique flowability properties of our powders makes cleaning operations easier and optimises machine productivity



Controlled oxygen content contributes to the mechanical properties of the parts produced and enables more cycles in the printing process

Low porosity

With 0% porosity another unique feature bringing strength to your final product


high-performance powder

Made in France, Imphytek Powders is located less than 200 km from Aperam Alloys Imphy, our preferred supplier of wire, and fully benefits from the worldwide presence of Aperam and Tekna’s sales network with the responsiveness of a local presence. Continually aiming to provide 100% customer satisfaction our team is fully mobilized to deliver on time, every time


We provide our customers with the highest quality powders by ensuring their performance, consistency, and value according to our customer’s expectations.
Our wire feedstock coming from Aperam Imphy gives us full traceability with a product 100% manufactured in France.
Furthermore, thanks to the support of Aperam Alloys Imphy R&D we are innovators and bring new powder solutions to meet the exacting demands of our customers.
Imphytek Powders is committed to achieving customer satisfaction by working in partnership with Tekna Plasma Europe which is a world class powder manufacturer certified to AS9100 and ISO 9001.

ISO 9001



Imphytek Powders benefits from more than 30 years of experience of Tekna in applied research to produce the perfect powder.


The concept of precision metallurgy, more commonly known as alloys was invented at the Imphy site, now the home of Aperam Alloys. Imphy is also home to our world-renowned Pierre Chevenard Research Centre (CPRPC), which is dedicated to developing the alloys that will define the applications of tomorrow


Thanks to high sphericity, density, flowability, and purity, combined with low porosity our powders are highly sustainable, reducing energy consumption and improving material yield contributing to a greener planet


With the production site of Mâcon certified AS9100 and ISO 9001 and the delivery lot quantities of our supplier and our own unique process we can guarantee traceability to our customers in optimized quantities



In highly demanding and evolving applications, our customers need products to meet the most exacting of standards.

The quality of our performance powders and controlled grain sizes perfectly meets the needs of our customers in all of their advanced metallurgical processes as well as ensuring optimal density of finished products

powders aviation


Enabling significant weight reduction as well as combining several parts as one, additive manufacturing is growing strongly in this field. The quality of our products contributes to the gains of our customers in the costs of space exploration.

powders space


Turbomachinery is indispensable for energy generation. Its high-performance parts feature complex, high-tech designs that need to be more and more robust and powerful as the demand for energy increases. In addition, turbomachinery parts need to be resistant and reliable – even at temperatures beyond the melting point. Additive manufacturing can solve many of these challenges and is suitable for numerous applications

powders energy


The oil and gas industry requires many low-volume components that are relatively expensive to manufacture, stock, and replace. Additive manufacturing optimizes asset maintenance in a variety of ways and improves design quality. . AM reduces warehouse stocks through on-demand printing. The attendant savings have more impact given the historical volatility of oil prices. Downturns increase the pressure to minimize inventories of spare parts.

powders oil gas


Starting from applications in high-performance vehicles, additive manufacturing will be one of the strongest growth trends in the coming years.  Our product quality will bring the same benefits to these growing end uses.

powders automotive


Additive Manufacturing

high-performance powder

Additive manufacturing is the construction of a 3D part from a CAD or digital model made by building up the part from powder layer by layer. This process, also known as 3D printing enables less waste and allows businesses to produce parts faster than a traditional milling process.

Laser Cladding

high-performance powder

Laser cladding is a way to deposit metallic material on the surface of a complex-shaped part in order to give it a new surface functionality and makes it possible to repair worn surfaces.

Metal Injection Moulding

high-performance powder

The MIM (Metal Injection Molding) process was derived from plastic injection molding and adapted to the technology of metallic powders. This technique has the advantage of creating near net complex shapes with a high surface finish and fine tolerances without the need for subsequent machining.

Hot and Cold Isostatic Pressing

high-performance powder

Hot isostatic pressing (HIP) is a process used to consolidate materials (metallic or ceramic) to near theoretical density